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'Brown Bunny' Billboard Looms Head and Shoulders Over Sunset Blvd. ... Especially Head
By Uncle Grambo 8/2 9:10pm EDT
as part of the marketing campaign for ['Brown Bunny'], Vincent Gallo is driving a print of the film around the country, by HIMSELF (!!!), and showing it to critics and fans. ... i'll save my actual review of the film for another time, but suffice to say it made 'Gerry' look like 'Armegeddon' ... [Gallo] delighted in telling us about the giant billboard on Sunset Boulevard that he purchased WITH HIS OWN MONEY to promote the film ... all in all, i came out of last night's screening pretty much convinced that Vincent Gallo is the coolest person alive today
Tabloids Still After the Skinny on Rehabilitated Olsen Twin
By Gawker 8/5 10:18am EDT
It's all suddenly rainbows and kitty-cats for America's favorite bobble-headed cocarexic, Mary-Kate Olsen. Tabloids Star and National Enquirer are backing off their stories claiming M-K was in rehab for cocaine, not anorexia. Not because she wasn't in rehab for cocaine, mind you, but because she wasn't not in rehab for cocaine and anorexia.
Keira Knightley Bursts (or Is It 'Busts'?) Bubble on 'King Arthur' Ads
By Defamer
7/14 2:24pm EDT

Anyone Know the Japanese Word for 'Blurb Whore'?
By Drew 7/29 6:26pm EDT
Okay, so I have no idea what that quote from the Times actually says. It could say "Hey, have you seen that movie Shattered Glass? Maybe you could get off our asses and go pick on the New Republic a bit. That Stephen Glass sure is a whiny little bitch!"
Sore Loser Still Mad as Hell About 1978 Oscar Ceremonies
By Out of Focus 7/30 6:08pm EDT
Before all you Rocky lovers get on my case, yes, it's a great movie. But does anyone remember the films Rocky beat out for the Oscar in 1977? Bound for Glory. All the President's Men. Taxi Driver. And most ridiculously, Network. ... Network is one of the best movies you'll ever see, and while it has a great reputation, I'd still claim that it's vastly underrated.
You Can Be the Next Roland Emmerich in 41 Easy Steps
By Invincible GIrl 6/4 3:01pm EDT
How To Create A Disaster Movie. Casting: 1. Hot Scientist – To fill the role of rugged manly lead who will make all the soccer mom’s panties moist, you need to find a B-level actor who was once hot and who had some sex scene that your mom really likes ( is Ellen Barkin these days), and cast him in the lead. 2. Hot Scientist’s Kid – Make this one the hottie for the girls. We prefer them mopey, thanks so much. You boomers can have your rugged manliness. We want our men to be girls. Girls with muscles. 3. Noble Friend Who Takes One For the Team – oh, just cast some character actor. Sorry, John C. Reilly’s too “big” for this now.
Point/Counterpoint: Troy
'Troy' Was an Inspiration, and Brad Pitt... OMG
By Esin 5/25 4:12pm EDT
Today was an emotionally-draining day. The "Alias" season finale just aired and blew me away. So intense. So much hatred and drama and GUNS! Too many guns. But earlier this afternoon, I saw "Troy" with the oh-so-gorgeous Brad Pitt and have decided instead of becoming a medical doctor when I grow up, I would like to be a Trojan priestess. Who falls in love with a devastatingly-delicious Greek warrior. The best warrior. In the world. OMG OMG OMG...He is so fine.
'Troy' Kinda Sucked, But Helen Was Tres Hot
By Kurt Scott Hopke 5/15 2:45pm EDT
First: they really don't follow the story all that much. I guess that's to be expected, but still. Brad Pitt's good as Achilles. Eric Bana is really good as Hector. Orlando Bloom is a [expletive] joke as Paris. Is he heroic? A coward? A punk-ass? No one seems to know. Nearly every scene he's in made me laugh. That's probably not good. Peter O'Toole was good, but with his hair and beard, I kept thinking I was watching George Carlin. The battle scenes were largely terrible.
Paris Hilton 'Ass Patch' Distracts from Bruises
By Defamer 8/2 9:17pm EDT
Usually we're more interested in what stars are putting up their noses, veins, or anuses, but this rear-view picture of Paris Hilton leaving a Hollywood club has us wondering what's on the outside of her ass for a change. Is she trying to keep cigarettes out of her mouth or babies out of her skinny womb? Nicoderm or Ortho-Evra? Or is the pharmaceutical industry testing an anti-skank patch?

Iraqis May Disagree with America's President, but Not with Its Governor
By boifromtroy 7/30 5:43pm EDT
Iraqis paid special [tribute to] California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as he turns 57 today not by celebrating the democratic process which made him Governor of the Golden State but rather with a body-building competition. We hear it was stiff.
'Village' Star Adrien Brody, Armed and Dangerous?
By Drew 7/29 6:42pm EDT
Most people associate [Adrien Brody] with 'The Pianist' or 'Summer Of Sam,' or "the kiss," [but] whenever I see Mr. Brody, I always think of him in Tori Amos' "A Sorta Fairytale " video. It's almost a remake of the Pianist, but squished into four minutes. Except instead of playing piano maestro Wladyslaw Szpilman during WW2, he's a modern day guy who has an arm instead of a body. ... Come to think of it, it's not one iota like the Pianist.
Wachowski "Brothers" Spotted at San Diego Comic-Con
By Toby Newell for The Beat
7/29 6:15pm EDT
'Police Academy' Fans Have New Sequel to Look Forward to
By Day-Vuh 7/14 2:57pm EDT
Okay, I'll have to fill this in once I get more info because I forgot to clip the newspaper article while I was on the subway yesterday. However, there it was in black n white: The announcment of the 8th Police Academy film. Unreal. It had fallen from my capabilities of logic and reason that they would make another one. But still, here it is. the article went on the say they were looking to bring on Old and New cast members. Mind you, Steve Guttenberg will finally have something to do.
Desperate Teen Invents Novel Alternative to Paying for Sex: He'll Charge for It!
By AdRants 7/14 2:33pm EDT
Apparently unable to get laid on his own, a 17 year old Korean boy has made his urges know by placing an ad on a South Korean auction site. He is offering his virginity to the highest bidder in a move that gives new meaning to the term "more bang for your buck."
Why Hip-Hop Relishes Stardom While Rock Bemoans It
By Robin 5/25 3:59pm EDT
1. Guilt. The British rockers who first explored the dark side of fame were predominantly white Art students who grew up in post-war Britain and lived through Austerity, a period of Government sponsored self-denial and material shortages. I think this probably made some of them uncomfortable with the extremes of material indulgence thrown at them in their twenties. The hip hop elite are predominantly black ghetto children who dreamed of wealth in guiltless innocence and are more than happy to have got their hands on some. No apparent downsides were foreseen or are yet discovered.
Violent, Sexy Roller Derby Girls Make Spectators Proud to be Texan
By The Nicolster 5/24 2:52pm EDT
So tonight robby and I went to go see the best show in town. The Texas Roller Girls. And they were [EXPLECTIVE] AMAZING! It was held at a rollerskating rink, that is changed into a land of Lonestar beer,disco lights, and twinkling track lights. The first match was between the Hell Marys and The Hotrod Honeys... and carnage was the name of the game. Girls were flying into the audience, and pivoting, and jamming, and blocking to the joy of us all. It's great because it's like being at a hockey game that can actually run into you. I mean this [explective] is not fake. You watch one gal just skating like a mad man and then someone whizzes by her and rams into her side and she falls, and you see blood. And you eat that [explective] [explective] up. So now officially roller derby is my new fav sport, and for once I am proud to be a texan because we brought this [explective] back.
'Van Helsing' No 'Freddy Vs. Jason,' But Impressive Nonetheless
By Nooglisms 5/13 9:25pm EDT
Van Helsing, unlike Underworld, doesn’t suck. At all. In fact, it rocks. Okay, not if you are a purist. One of my friends already swore he would not see it, because it ruins the mythos of Bram Stoker’s novel. I say humbug to that. Dracula and his cohorts have been part of bad movies for years, so give the creation its due: a true, high-budget pop-trash incarnation. While not in the same league as the other VS movie of the decade (Freddy vs. Jason), Van Helsing has its own charms.
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