Apps like Tinder is killing love


In this video we see various arguments that dating sites like Tinder, are not really working for finding love. Philosopher Richard Kearney argues for this that we live in the “Age of excavation”, where we “obsess about the body in increasingly disembodies ways”. Dates are not being represented in the traditional way of finding love, but instead on pre-arranged abases algorithms. We are being attracted on the simulation of a person on photos and other things, rather than the actual person him or herself. Other arguments are that there are too many people on Tinder, which will make it harder to focus on just one person, and by using dating sites like Tinder, people are sort of ”creating” someone they want them to be, rather than falling in love with someone you won’t expect in real life.


Former wrestler Hulk Hogan lands $115 million in Gawker Lawsuit

Hulk Hogan, the legendary retired wrestler has been awarded $115 million as damages for the damages caused due to an invasion of his privacy by Gawker.com. Last Friday, a Florida jury gave orders to Gawker.com to compensate Hulk Hogan that colossal amount of money as compensation for the sex tape that they had published

The wrestler whose legal name is Terry Gene Bollea was full of emotion when then verdict when the ruling was made on Friday afternoon, he was already in tears when the jury read out the judgment. The case was concluded after six hours in court.

Mr. Bollea’s team of attorneys was ecstatic following the judgment. They said the judgment served as a warning to firms that invade the privacy of individuals in pretence of journalism

The damages that were awarded to Mr.Bollea on Friday were broken down as follows; $55 million were to cater for the economic harm caused while $60 were to compensate for the emotional distress caused.

Killer Mike

Hip Hop Loves Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has serious hip-hop cred. There’s no question that he is the favorite presidential candidate in the hip hop community. And he’s had a quite a few moments to prove it.

Atlanta MC, Killer Mike, has been an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders over the last several months. He strongly endorses him and did a six-part interview that pretty much broke the Internet. Rapper T.I. has also shown his support for Bernie, along with Big Boi and Lil B. They have all made it very clear where their support lies.

Bernie has not given up and continue to fight for the democratic nomination. He even sat down with the Breakfast Club to discuss why the black vote matters, the war on drugs, and even police brutality. No other candidate has such strong support from the hip hop community and Bernie does not take this lightly. He has long been a fighter for civil rights and equal rights.